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OPSEU Local 273 represents a diverse group of Health Care Professionals at Hamilton Health Sciences and One Fertility Clinic. Our bargaining unit has over 1100 members and is made up of Technologist and Technicians in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Laboratories, Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and a Cardiovascular Diagnostic Unit. We also represent Perfusionists, Respiratory Therapists, Behaviour Therapists, Rehabilitation Therapists and Advanced Rehabilitation Therapists.

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Bill 124 Reopener update: April 26, 2023          Document

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This communication is to inform you that we have reached agreement with the Hospital on increased compensation in light of Bill 124 being overturned last year.

Bill 124 was the provincial government’s compensation restraint legislation which limited increases to wages and other forms of compensation to no more than 1% for a three year moderation period. As a result, we were forced to serve our 3 year moderation period in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

This meant that we only received 1% wage increases during each of those years.

With Bill 124 no longer in effect, we approached the Hospital about re-opening negotiations on compensation and they agreed. We met on April 12, 2023 and April 26, 2023 and we were able to reach agreement on the following compensation enhancements:

General Wage Increase


April 1, 2019 – An additional 0.75% (Total 1.75%)

April 1, 2020 – An additional 0.75% (Total 1.75%)

April 1, 2021 – An additional 1.00% (Total 2.00%)

The above increases are retroactive. Retroactivity will be paid to current and former employees within six (6) pay periods of the date of agreement. The new wage rates will be implemented ASAP.

We note that these increases are also consistent with what the OPSEU/SEFPO and ONA central agreements received during those years. Effectively, these increases represent what we would have received in these years if Bill 124 had not been in effect.

Finally, this represents a total additional increase of 2.5% for our members.

Premiums and Benefits


The below increases are retroactive to April 1, 2021:


Evening Premium – 15 cents increase ($1.95 to $2.10)

Night Premium – 15 cents increase ($2.35 to $2.50)

Weekend Premium – 15 cents increase ($2.50 to $2.65)

Standby – 10 cents increase ($3.30 to $3.40)

Standby (Holiday) – 10 cents increase ($4.90 to $5.00)

Meal Allowance – Increase from $7.00 to $9.00

Effective date of the agreement

Dental – Crowns, Bridges, Implants – increase of 500$ annually (from $1500 to $2000)

We see this as a significant win for our members and we will now be proceeding into negotiations for a renewal of our collective agreement which expired March 31, 2023.

Bill 60! What does it mean to our Local?

Under Bill 60 the “Director” or Directors have the power to create new private clinics, expand privatization to entire new classes of private clinics and services, expand private clinics, oversee the transfer of licences, plan where and how many services will be provided.


Update: April 13, 2023
You may have heard some rumblings about OPSEU CENTRAL’s pay Equity Resolve. OPSEU Central has
been working on this pay Equity issue for over a decade. They have had success in their endeavors.
However, Local 273 is not part of the Central BU. Therefore, the posted pay equity plan is for Central
Participating Hospitals only. Currently Local 273 is looking into how we can apply these pay equity
increases to our local. Further details will follow as we work through bargaining.


Wear your stickers!

Employee and family Assistance programs

Depression Care Trauma Care                                                           Grief and Loss Coaching

                                                                                                      OPSEU is there for all its Members

March 31, the OPSEU Executive Board bolstered its efforts to support members who are facing financial difficulties during the COVID-19 outbreak.


We have doubled our Hardship Fund. Effective immediately, these monies will offer eligible members an additional resource for assistance during the COVID-19 crisis. We know this is a stressful time. We want to lend a hand to our members who are struggling to meet basic needs and who are working tirelessly to take care of their loved ones and families.


The Hardship Fund assists members who are in good standing and are experiencing unexpected and/or temporary financial hardship. It provides emergency financial assistance based on need, duration, and available budget. Members can apply for Hardship Fund assistance by accessing this form. The form itself outlines how to fill it out with a checklist, and can be sent to the chair of each Regional Hardship Committee.





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