For the Employees Assistance Program please go to: User ID HHSC Password MSSI

There are many resources for you to explore by following these links:

OPSEU Central:

Links to Affiliates:

Hamilton District Labour Council:

Ontario Federation of Labour:

Canadian Labour Congress:

Links to Health and Safety Resources:

Workers Health and Safety Centre:

Worker’s Safety Insurance Board:

Ministry of Labour:

Professional Links:

College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario:

The Canadian Society For Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS):

Cardiovascular Techologist’s, ‘Ontario Society of Cardiovascular Techonologist (OSCT) :

Medical Radiation Technologists :

The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists :

Government Links:

Employment Labour Standards:

Ontario Human Rights Code:

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care:

Health Force Ontario (New Grad Guarantee):

Mental Health and Addiction Services

Below are a list of the mental health supports and services available locally and online.

Beacon  Beacon is an effective, easy-to-access way for people struggling with a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health condition to receive personalized care, learn coping skills and manage mood. Therapy happens via computer or mobile device, where and when it is convenient for you.

Canadian Mental Health Association- Bounce Back

Big White  Big white wall is free to access in a number of ways for residents of Ontario. Online, designed around peer support- you post questions to the community.



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